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A range of offers for your unique needs: cosmetics, ambient products, food supplements, biocides, medical devices, etc.

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Discover our range of aromatherapy products and cosmetics designed for
meet a variety of needs and industries. From beauty to well-being, Sirius is your
a trusted partner.

01. Cosmetic products

Discover our range of aromatherapy and cosmetic products designed to meet a variety of needs and industries. From beauty to well-being, Sirius is your trusted partner.

  • Skincare : day/night face creams, eye contours, serums, elixirs, mists
  • Hygiene : mouthwashes, micellar waters, shower oils, shower gels, solid deodorants, facial cleansing gels, cleansing milks, face masks
  • Hair  : detangling spray, organic shampoo, organic conditioner, hair oil baths, gels
  • Body : Dry oils for face, body, hair, monoi, oily balms, nourishing balms, stretch mark oils, body scrubs, moisturizing body lotions, exfoliating body lotions, hand creams, massage oils
  • Aromatherapy : essential oils, vegetable oils, floral waters, roll-ons, oily macerates.

02. Home fragrances

Transform the atmosphere of any space into a haven of peace with our range of ambience products. Bewitching fragrances and essential oil diffusers will create an unforgettable sensory experience for your customers.

  • Synergy diffusers, home fragrances, essential oil diffusers, toilet waters

03. Food products

Add a touch of flavor and well-being to your customers’ lives with our selection of food products. Our essential oils, vegetable oils and dietary supplements are carefully formulated to promote optimal health.

  • Aromatherapy: essential oils, vegetable oils
  • Food supplements: Throat syrup, throat spray, CBD oils

04. Biocidal products

Protect your environment from external threats with our range of biocidal products. Our formulas provide effective defense against insect pests and maintain optimum levels of hygiene.

  • Mosquito spray
  • Sanitizing spray

05. Medical devices

Offer your customers reliable healthcare solutions with our flagship medical device. The nasal spray is designed to provide fast, effective relief.

  • Nasal spray
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