Our commitment is to well-being: we offer unique, pure and beneficial products based on the active principals of the natural world. Composed of organic ingredients, our products are seasonal and in harmony with the environment. Essential oils are at the heart of our products. We use neither colorants nor chemicals in our formulas and our products are free of materials from animals. Each natural ingredient is carefully selected in accordance with its intended function. Our primary objective is quality: we seek to draw upon and integrate expertise from the study of aromatic and medicinal plants, from concept to finished product. Our development is based on our expertise in aromatherapy and herbalist. These disciplines require that all forms of plant extracts used (essential oils, floral essences, tinctures, etc.) conserve the totality of their properties. It is necessary that their origins are verified and that they are botanically and biochemically established. Each finished product is composed of organic ingredients, selected and used according to their intended and precise functions, with a strong emphasis on efficiency and quality. Our commitment to the environment: we participate in the regular enhancement of environmentally friendly cultivated areas in organic agriculture, in France and worldwide. To ensure our access to a diverse selection of the most beneficial plants, we collaborate with associations of breeders throughout the world, ensuring that their standards and certification processes are of the highest quality and are also environmentally friendly. Each year, our range of organic agricultural products increases more than 20%, due to our clientele. Our commitment to the rural world: we pledge to contribute to the enhancement of socioeconomic equality and the standard of living in rural areas.